Celtic Coffee Recipes

Recently, the International Coffee Organization launched a new Web site, Positively Coffee that highlights the many, many health benefits of your regular, non-enriched cup of Joe. It looks like the mainstream scientific community is finally catching up to what we have known for ages : anti-oxidant rich black coffee can serve a big role on your quest health and wellness!

The International Coffee Organization has several helpful pages on the health benefits of black coffee, including links to studies about ways researchers are using coffee in overcoming a number of serious diseases. Furthermore, Positively Coffee features articles on coffee’s effect on whole-body hydration, exercise performance, and even safer driving! When you look at the research – which comes from sources as trusted as Harvard Medical School – it’s hard to deny that black coffee may be one of the world’s great “unsung heroes” in the battle for whole-person health!coffee antioxidents

Coffee drinkers have even more reason to celebrate.In addition to the body-boosting power of black coffee, every single cup of coffee is enriched with Ganoderma lucidum, a verified “anti-oxidant superstar” and perhaps the most powerful herbal booster available on the market today! Our 100% pure coffee beans are harmoniously infused with a powerful extract that leverages Ganoderma lucidum’s wellness-boosting abilities, creating a “powerhouse combination” for wellness right in your morning cup!

Quite simply, black coffee = a dynamo for “healthy living.” Replace your usual cup of java with Cafe Classic today and see what it can do for you!

We cares about your health. By pointing you towards sites that discuss the potential health benefits of products such as ours, we are in no way making any “health claims.Coffe is not intended to cure, mitigate, treat, or diagnose any diseases. Before beginning this or any herbal regimen, make sure to contact your doctor or primary healthcare provider!