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Irish Claddagh Ring

Irish Claddagh: The hands symbolically means friendship.

The crown is symbolic of loyalty and fidelity.

The Heart symbolizes love.

In my hands I hold your heart crowning it with all my love.

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Because of the Claddaugh ring meaning... The Irish Claddagh ring is a great wedding ring, promise ring, friendship ring and a great Irish heritage ring.

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The Irish Claddagh Ring Meaning includes the  Legend of Richard Joyce and the Claddagh ring:

The story of how Richard Joyce created the Claddagh symbol is as much legend as it is history.

The story goes that Richard Joyce who lived in a small fishing village named Claddagh Ireland, left on a ship  bound to the plantations of the West Indies. That week he was supposed to be married.

The ship Joyce was on was captured by Mediterranean Algerian pirates and the crew were sold as slaves.

Joyce was sold to a Moorish goldsmith who trained him in his craft. Richard Joyce became a master in the goldsmith trade. While doing so he crafted a ring for the women he was supposed to marry.

He could not forget her. She was the inspiration to the design of the Claddagh Ring.

In 1689 Joyce was released by pressure from King William III.

The story goes that the Moorish Goldsmith offered Richard half of his wealth and his only daughters hand in marriage if he would stay. Joyce refused and went back home to Claddagh, Ireland. Claddagh ring in hand.

Richard returned home and found his fiancé had never married. Richard gave her the ring and they were married.

He set up a goldsmith shop in his home town of Claddagh, Ireland.

The Claddagh symbol as mentioned is a pair of hands holding a heart with a crown on top of the heart.

These elements had all been used in jewelry before but the Claddagh is the first known use of all three together. The hands represent friendship. The heart is symbolic of love and the crown means loyalty or fidelity.

Another Legend Or Claddagh Ring History

In earlier times before the richd Joyce story...In the Claddagh village the design of the Claddagh village ring was the symbol of the “fishing Kings of Claddagh” the meaning being then “in love and friendship let us reign”.

The heart symbolizes love, the hands symbolizes friendship and the crown loyalty.

The popularity of the Claddagh ring was helped by the mass exodus from Ireland during the great potatoe famine 1845-50.

Some famous historic wearers of the Claddagh ring were Queen Victoria and Edward VII.

 The Governor of New York  mentioned that over 200 Claddagh rings had been recovered from the attack on the world trade center on September 11th 2001.

This lesser known and least believed legend of the Claddagh ring contains the name of Joyce as well.

 Margaret Joyce inherited a huge amount of money from her late husband named Domingo de Rona. He was a wealthy Spanish merchant trading with Galway in Ireland. She later married the Mayor of Galway in 1596 (Oliver Og French) and used her inherited wealth to construct many bridges in Connacht.

The first Cladagh ring was supposed to be her providential reward and was dropped by an eagle into her lap.


Sterling Silver Irish Claddagh Rings

The Irish Claddagh Ring Makes The Best Irish and Celtic Wedding and Engagement Rings and Friendship Rings

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Affordable Sterling Silver Celtic Claddagh Rings
Typically sizes 4-8 are great Irish Claddagh rings for women and sizes 7-13 are terrific for Irish Claddagh rings for men.

Irish Claddagh Ring For Men and Women
Sterling Silver Irish Claddagh Rings
Comes in Sizes 7-13.

With the size range of this Claddagh ring it makes a great Celtic wedding ring, engagement ring, friendship or personal Irish ring.



Irish Claddagh Ring or Celtic Wedding Ring
Sterling Silver Irish Claddagh Rings

Comes in Sizes 4-13.

With the size range of this Claddagh ring it makes a great Celtic wedding ring, friendship ring or personal Irish ring.


Big Irish Claddagh Ring
Sterling Silver Irish Grand Claddagh Rings
Comes in sizes 7-13. Perfect mens Irish Claddagh ring



Irish Claddagh Ring
Sterling Silver Irish Claddagh Ring
Comes in Sizes 7-12


Silver Irish Claddagh Ring
Sterling Silver Irish Claddagh Rings
Comes in Sizes 4-13.

With the size range of this Claddagh ring it makes a great Celtic wedding ring or personal ring.



Silver Claddagh Ring Green Heart
Sterling Silver Irish Claddagh Rings with an Irish Green CZ Heart. Comes in Sizes 5-10
Ring Size


Sterling Silver Celtic Claddagh Ring Meaning:

The hands represent friendship, the heart represents love and the crown represents loyalty. Because of the unique meaning of the sterling silver Irish Claddagh Ring it has many uses such as....Irish wedding rings, Friendship rings, Irish personal rings, Mothers day rings, Celtic promise rings, Celtic wedding rings, Celtic engagement rings.

Another Claddagh Ring Meaning:
Let Love and Friendship Reign Forever with Fidelity.

Silver Claddagh Ring Garnet CZ
Sterling Silver Irish Claddagh Rings with a Synthetic Garnet Heart. Comes in Sizes 5-10
Ring Size


Another Claddaugh Ring Meaning:
In my hands I hold your heart crowning it with all my love.

This Irish Claddagh Ring Collection Size Issues

This collection of Claddagh rings range in sizes from 4 to 13. The various styles of the Claddagh ring range from silver Claddagh rings for men and silver Claddagh rings for women. The big silver Claddagh Ring is mostly used for men and the very small silver Claddagh rings are typically worn by women.

These Irish rings are also considered as unisex Claddagh rings because they are unisex ring sizes so it really is an issue of what Claddagh ring style do you like best. Also it is a matter or your bone structure and length of finger. Small framed men would likely go for a Claddagh ring that doesn't take over the finger. The same guidelines apply to women as well.

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"May you have warm words on a cold evening,
A full moon on a dark night,
And the road downhill all the way to your door.

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The History of the Claddagh Ring:

It is difficult to separate fact from fiction in the history of the Claddagh ring. What we do know by scholarly studies is the name of the Claddagh ring comes from a fishing village in Ireland called Claddagh. Claddagh is a beach area in the western part of Galway, Ireland.

It was in Claddagh that the first Claddagh ring was said to have been made. The Claddagh ring was first made sometime in the 17th century during the reign of Queen Mary II or the reign of King William III.

The symbol of the Claddagh is a pair of hands holding a heart adorned with a crown.

In earlier times, likely about the time the Claddagh ring was first made the design was a symbol of the "Fishing Kings of Claddagh", the meaning was "in love and friendship let us reign". Maybe. This is where fact and legend conflict.

Some of the earliest Claddagh rings to been traced back bear the mark and initials of Richard Joyce.

(See The Legend of Richard Joyce - Left side bar)

The Claddagh ring was predominately a local ring in the Irish regions until the late 1800's. Some suggest the great potato famine of 1847-1849 where 1000's of Irish people made a vast exodus, mostly to America and other Western locales is how the popularity of the Claddagh ring spread.

These determined Irish folk kept the Claddagh ring symbolism going and tradition was that the mother past it down to the first married daughter when she was married. This made the Claddagh ring a heirloom that was worn with great pride. 

The Claddagh ring is the most popular of Irish wedding rings and Irish engagement rings. Irish jewelry has two major elements.

Irish Jewelry vs Celtic Jewelry

Irish jewelry has two elements, the type of jewelry that depicts Irish culture and the type that reflects Ireland’s Celtic heritage. It is not uncommon to blend Irish elements and Celtic elements together. Even with the Claddagh symbol which has gone past a ring symbol to its own jewelry genre, Celtic elements can be found.

Most of the world tend to use the term Celtic jewelry or Irish jewelry to refer to both types of jewelry. In America, we tend to separate them into different genres of jewelry. But the irish and the rest of the world would call it all Irish Jewelry or all Celtic jewelry since their is some much overlap.

Uses of the Claddagh Ring

The rich meaning of the Claddagh ring makes it a perfect choice for all gift giving occasions like Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothers Day and Birthdays. The Classic sterling silver Claddagh ring makes a perfect Irish Celtic wedding ring, Irish Celtic engagement ring, Friendship ring or Promise ring.

However, men wear the Celtic Claddagh ring almost as much as the women do. The styles and designs tend to be slightly bigger and heavier for men but those who are proud of their Irish heritage wear the Claddagh ring.

The most popular type of Claddagh rings are those made by sterling silver. The sterling silver Celtic Claddagh rings oxidize by simple exposure to the air. This oxidization builds up in the groves and etching of the design which accents the design giving it a more dramatic look.

If your Irish Claddagh ring comes with chemical oxidization or patina then you’ll want to keep it away from chemical silver cleaners. If your Claddagh ring comes without patina then you can clean it or polish it with approved silver cleaners or clothes. However, if you do then the patina will fail to form and you won’t gain that heirloom look.



Sterling Silver Irish Claddagh Ring Meaning:

If the heart of the Claddagh ring is pointed toward you it means your heart it taken by another. If the heart of the Claddaugh is pointing away from you then you're available.

The common spelling of the ring symbol is Claddagh but is also frequently spelled Claddaugh.

You don't have to be Irish to appreciate and enjoy the great symbolism of the Claddagh ring.


After reading about the Claddagh ring is it easy to see why it is considered a perfect ring from the standpoint of symbolism and usage. It is worn by the Irish and others who are proud of their Irish heritage. The Claddagh rings are worn by people who just like the symbolism.

The Irish Claddagh ring is also worn as a friendship ring, Celtic engagement ring, and as a Celtic wedding ring. The symbolism makes it great as a self motto symbolized by the Claddagh ring. But the Claddagh meaning also lends itself easily to a Celtic wedding ring, engagement ring, a friendship ring and even a promise ring. Sterling silver Claddagh rings can be used for almost any situation. In fact, the Claddagh symbol has evolved beyond Claddagh rings to it's own Claddagh Jewelry genre.

Sterling Silver Claddagh jewelry contains Claddagh earrings, charms, pendants and necklaces.



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