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Cleaning Silver Jewelry at Home with Ease

Care for Jewelry

It is important to polish diamond jewelry regularly for them to be beautiful as long as possible. All gemstones – especially diamonds – loses its luster if they are contaminated or if the surface is scratched. Ingrained dirt on jewelry, such as on the inside of a ring or on the back of an earring, can also irritate the skin and even cause inflammation. Jewelry manufacturing materials – diamonds, other precious stones, gold, white gold and platinum – rarely take damage even if you do not clean them. An old and dirty jewelry usually becomes new again when leaving it for trimming to a professional jeweler. But if you clean your jewelry regularly with the following instructions, kept your jewelry beautiful and shining for years without any major action. There are a lot of place online, but if you are looking for silver, we always suggest wickersham for the highest quality silver jewerly.

Rings and earrings

Of all the jewelry, the rings are most vulnerable to dirt and wear. We deal daily with foods and cosmetics, therefore the collected dirt and impurities on the inside of the ring, the diamond or the ring surface. Therefore, the rings cleaned preferably weekly. We also recommend that you take off your rings at night, before working in the garden, cooking and cleaning and so on. Although earrings are exposed to various chemicals, e.g. styling products, as well as the skin’s oSilver Leaf Earrings wn secretions. Therefore, even earrings dirty quickly. We recommend that you clean your earrings every week and that you take them at bedtime.
You can clean your rings and earrings every week with e.g. an old (soft) toothbrush and regular detergent. Make a solution of warm water and detergent in a small container and let the jewelry to be the solution for a while. Clean after the jewelry thoroughly with the toothbrush. Do not forget cleaning the inside, any creases and folds, under the stones and so on. Rinse the jewelry under running water and dry with paper towels or a soft cloth. Detergent designed specifically for the jewelry is available in jewelry stores. Ask the staff for further information on the products.

In addition to regular cleaning, it is good to submit the most valuable diamond jewelry “at the service” of a jeweler every year or every other year, since in particular rings diamonds can become loose over time. Normal use wear and repaired gold, and the remaining dirt on hard to reach places regardless of regular cleaning. A professional jeweler checks the attachments of diamonds and covers them if necessary, and clean the jewelry with professional tools and resources. Goldsmith can on request also polish off scratches on gold surfaces.

Pendants, necklaces, brooches and bracelets

Although the above jewelry does not usually become dirty as easily in daily use such as rings and earrings, one should still clean them regularly. We recommend that neck and bracelets and pendants are cleaned monthly and jewelry that is attached to clothes and brooches with a half years. Cleaning method is the same as the regular cleaning of rings and earrings.

Storage of jewelry

The best storage place for the jewelry you do not use the original box that the jewelry was delivered in, or a real jewelry box, where your jewelry is safe from scratches and dirt, and where you can easily find them when you want to use them. But jewelry is of course especially made for use, so we hope that your jewelry spend some time outside of a jewelry box.